Virtual Event Recordings: Ethics of AI in the Design Classroom: Listening Sessions 1 & 2

Some questions we considered to frame these discussions:
– What kinds of conversations do we want to have with students about these technologies? What are the ethical implications they should be aware of?
– How can we prepare design students for a rapidly changing discipline that incorporates these technologies?
– How might students cite or acknowledge the use of these technologies in their work?
– How might students use these technologies as tools in their design process?

Design educators (of all kinds) and practicing designers were welcome to engage with us in this conversation.

We also shared the following resources in connection with this event that viewers may find helpful: Marian Bantjes’ take on AI:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
(You need to subscribe to Marian’s substack to read these articles, but it is free and just means you will receive her future writings to the email you input)

A great Vox video explaining how DALL-E and Midjourney works:

Making AI Art Responsibly: A field guide (by Lia Coleman) (More about the field guide:

You can access the chat for both events here:
Thursday March 2nd at 5 pm ET:
Friday March 3rd at 11 am ET:

**Note: all images used to promote this event were created using the AI system DALL-E. Prompts used include “design students using AI in the classroom,” “design professors fighting AI in the classroom,” and “design professors embracing AI in the classroom.”

By aigaeducators
Published March 31, 2023
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