Thanks to the efforts of Meredith Davis, there are a number of valuable AIGA/NASAD briefing papers on various aspects of graphic design education directed towards a number of different audiences. These papers are posted below. The AIGA Design Educators Community steering committee is currently working on a AIGA/NASAD 2-Year Education briefing paper.

NASAD Briefing Paper-Making Choices About the Study of Graphic Design.This publication is intended to assist students in making choices among educational programs in graphic design. The text that follows is intended to help students consider the extent to which specific graphic design programs can accomplish theirpublished goals and the clarity and accuracy of claims about career preparation.

NASAD Briefing Paper-Degree Programs and Graphic Design: Purposes, Structures, and Results. This paper is intended to help all concerned – from prospective students to faculties to internal and external evaluators to institutional administrators to employers – consider the extent to which specific graphic design programs can accomplish their published goals and the clarity and accuracy of projections about career preparation.

NASAD Briefing Paper-Faculty: Selecting and Supporting Graphic Design Faculty. This briefing paper is intended to promote thoughtful assessments of faculty qualifications to teach graphic design, as well as issues that relate to faculty effectiveness.

NASAD Briefing Paper-General Education and Professional Undergraduate Programs in Graphic Design. This briefing paper discusses the role general education courses play in preparing undergraduate students for the expanding domain of graphic design.

NASAD Briefing Paper-Technology Thresholds in Graphic Design Programs. This briefing paper is intended to facilitate and enrich assessments of technological resources and instruction in college and university graphic design programs.