Contribute to the DEC Blog

Have an idea for a DEC blog post?

The AIGA DEC Steering Committee seeks contributors for the DEC blog in 2020. Submissions will be featured on the DEC website and in the monthly newsletter. To express interest please fill out this form and a DEC Steering Committee member will get in contact with you.

Guidelines for Submissions

The Design Educators Community Steering Committee welcomes your submission for publication on Our editors will review your article before publication and evaluate it based on the below guidelines. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and content or may request revisions before publishing.

Please review the following topics in preparing your article for submission:

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest to the community of design educators and relevant to the discipline.

Posts should not be blatantly promotional.

Be succinct. Online attention spans are short.

Article length should not exceed 1000 words (but can include external links).

• Submit the proposed article via Google Docs (a folder will be shared)

• Include supporting imagery separately in jpg format (2MB size limit) with any caption info in the accompanying text document including references to the image by file name. Images must be placed in the document.

  • Submit (at least one) image/s to accompany the post (i.e. “landing.jpg”) as the top landing graphic; this should be 1000 pixels width (but no larger than 2 Mb, 300 dpi).
  • Submit one image for social media (600 pixels width save as .jpg, 300 dpi)
  • Submit short captions for images (annotated in the document at the end, e.g.; Image 1, Caption 1, etc)
  • Submit contributor’s headshot(s) (in B&W, close up)

• Use Chicago Style guidelines.

Include at the end of your article:

• a brief (100 words max.) author bio with school affiliation and program information (if applicable). Links to your website or blog can be included. Please also include a headshot (B&W).

• a suggested title for your submission.

• full URLs for hyperlinks below article text with indication to referenced text.

• all relevant information if your submission has been previously published elsewhere.