Our Critical Responsibility: Message of Solidarity and Call to Action from AIGA DEC

We are all deeply saddened and disturbed by the traumatic events that have taken place recently, and disavow the unjust systems and individuals that seek to oppress and divide our communities.

As design educators we are leaders, advocates, mentors, and guides who work with students across the spectrums of age, race, gender, language, ethnicity, ableism, cultural identity and socio-economic backgrounds.

We have a critical responsibility in facilitating discussions, giving a platform, and empowering students to take action and participate in social change.

The DEC continues to stay mission-focused to support educators and build community during unprecedented circumstances. We will continue to do the work to enact diversity and equity within our sphere. We support the diverse set of voices of design educators and individuals within and beyond AIGA. In part we can do so by:

  • Practice moving away from Eurocentric and Westernized systems of historic colonization.
  • Create spaces for multiple interpretations, according to context and culture.
  • Address structures of capitalism and consumerism that directly affect and marginalize populations of color.
  • Challenge historic traditions of white supremacy within professional organizations (including our own).

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By Design Educators Community
Published June 1, 2020