Design Workshops Online: Roundtable Discussion Re-cap

At the tail end of the AIGA Design Educator New Ventures conference I had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable discussion on the topic of design education in the online environment. I’ve recently switched jobs from being the chair of a graphic design department at a four year institution on the east coast, to head of design education for a start-up called CreativeLive in SF. CreativeLive is not an accredited, degree-based design program (and aren’t trying to be). The idea is to offer exceptional, accessible content through an online platform.

The conference roundtable discussion gave me the opportunity to ask educators about their take on what design classes being offered via an online platform might look like in the future. We had a fruitful discussion, but I was unable to provide examples of current curriculum I’ve developed (and we all need visuals!). I’m excited to announce the following upcoming classes, taught by two amazing design educators I’ve long admired. Ilene Strizver will be doing two courses on Typography (Fundamentals and Fine Tuning and Finessing), and Richard Mehl will cover Color Theory. Both classes contain relevant content to educators teaching design in these areas, and I highly recommend watching! You can RSVP to view the course for free here:

Let me know what you think of the classes! Ways to access design education outside of the classroom will no doubt be an ongoing discussion. I would love feedback and comments from my fellow educators.

Lara McCormick is a member of the AIGA Design Educators Steering Committee and currently the head of design education at CreativeLive. Visit her at

By Lara McCormick
Published September 24, 2014
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