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AIGA Designer 2025

August 22, 2017 / By aigaeducators

AIGA periodically assesses the changing context for practice and implications for the pre-service, college education of designers and continuing education of professionals. It examines social, technological, and economic trends that will shape the environment in which designers work and identifies related competencies for successful practice.

AIGA Designer 2025 studied trends in a number of fields, changes in the nature of work, and advice of thought leaders from diverse practices. The result is a list of seven trends that are particularly evident in their influences on communication design. In the coming months, AIGA will develop these trend descriptions into briefing papers that offer more robust discussions of implications for design education and provide professional examples that illustrate design responses to emerging conditions. These trends also underpin the presentations and discussions of the educator-oriented programming at the 2017 AIGA National Conference in Minneapolis.

Included is a summary draft (PDF) describing seven trends and corresponding competencies for students and professionals. Also included are the design competencies previously negotiated between the AIGA and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the accrediting agency for college-level design programs in the United States. These competencies were approved by the AIGA Board of Directors and by the full membership of NASAD. They currently guide accreditation reviews of institutions with programs in communication design.

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Learn more here (PDFs):
NASAD Competencies
AIGA Design 2025 Summary Document

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  • Eric Benson

    I would say climate change is a MUST that needs to be addressed in all design work. Less design=waste. Less overconsumption. There will need to be a shift in our economic models to value satisfaction over growth.

  • Jordan AG. Kauffman

    The .pdf links at the end send me to the same .pdf. Is this meant to be this way or is there a separate NASAD document?

    • Marty Maxwell Lane

      Thank you for pointing this out! Should be fixed now.

  • Kerry Scott Jenkins

    Very much interested in the topic and discussion results after conference. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the conference. Will documentation be available that supplants these draft PDFs after the conference?

    • Marty Maxwell Lane

      Yes, everything will be recorded by AIGA National and available online after the conference.

      • Kerry Scott Jenkins

        Thank you!

  • Matt Wizinsky

    One of the more alarming statistics in the AIGA2025 report is the estimated “0-1% growth in traditional graphic design positions between 2014 and 2024…” This is attributed to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, in just a cursory search for the same data, I found the 2016 projection to be 5% growth from 2016-2026 (source:

    Certainly not explosive growth but pretty close to average for all professions (7%) and way better than 0%!

    Is the AIGA2025 report based on 2014 data (the specific source was not cited)? Is it adjusted in some way that is not explained?

    Any clarification from the report’s authors would be much appreciated.