5 Creatives to Inspire You During this Holiday

10 Days of DECember >> Day 5

As we roll into the holiday break, this brings time for reflection, a little relaxation, and hopefully some time to focus on your personal creative practice. I’ve compiled 5 creatives working in letterpress, collage, as well as mixed and new media whose work and process I’m inspired by, in hopes that you will find a creative spark from them as well. 


1. Joe Boyd

Joe is a mixed-media artist based in England. Joe is a wizard with a scanner and takes note of everyday items around him to include in his work. If you’re looking to mix things up and experiment, Joe’s work provides a ton of inspiration for those willing to do weird and wild things with a scanner. 


2. Dunaway Smith

Heather Dunaway Smith is an XR artist who blends storytelling, illustration, animation, audio, interactive and the physical world into immersive art experiences. I learned about their work from one of my students, and I’m mesmerized by the implementation of AR in Dunaway’s work. I think this also serves as a great example to show students of how designers are using XR in a client-based atmosphere.


3. Gingerly Press

Gingerly Press is the printmaking studio practice of letterpress artist, Lindsay Schmittle. Lindsay’s work marries a clean design aesthetic with the subtle textures of hand-made abstract block prints and wood type. Many of the images are geometric landscapes with bright colors and fun shapes–makes you want to go out and get lost in the woods! Lindsay’s practice also focuses on earth-friendly and using sustainable practices and materials in her work. 

Instagram: @gingerlypress

4. Taylor Walton

Taylor is a Nashville-based creative whose work is driven by instinctive mark-making and a “use what you have” approach to creating and making. Taylor’s drawings often use found materials such as cardboard for the canvas accompanied by expressive line-work and vibrant colors. His work inspires me to “just make” as opposed to over-thinking a creative strategy.

Instagram: @wvlly

5. Pink Merl Design Co.

Pink Merl is a Kentucky-based female owned and operated mural company. Since finishing design school a few years ago, they have made their mark in and around Kentucky, creating murals all over. Their client roster boasts many small businesses and start-ups as well as projects for towns and communities. Owners and designers Angelina Record and Chloe Wooton infuse their fun and vibrant aesthetic into every mural they create. Their mural magic takes an unassuming space/wall and completely transforms the space.

Instagram @pinkmerldesignco

By Natalie Tyree
Published December 7, 2023