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You still have some time left to submit your paper or visual essay for possible publication in Dialectic

May 18, 2016 / Michael R. Gibson

Now that end-of-semester activities are coming to a close or have ended for many of you:

the national steering committee of the AIGA DEC, along with the Editorial and Advisory Boards for Dialectic, remind that you that there is still time to submit a paper or a visual essay for scholarly review and possible publication in the first issue of our new journal. Dialectic will be published by the AIGA DEC and Michigan Publishing, the hub of scholarly publishing at the University of Michigan.

Issue 01 of Dialectic will be published between November 15 and December 31 of this year, and subsequent issues will be published twice per year beginning in 2017. We invite papers and visual essays that, in one or more ways, critically examine issues that affect design education, research and contextual inquiries into their affects on the practice of design, and on how design practice in turn affects design education and research. Each piece we receive will undergo a review process that entails initial vetting by members of our Editorial and/or Advisory Boards, and then a possible further review by a team of two to three external reviewers. This peer review process will be kept “blind.”

The following types of submissions are called for:

· research papers
· long-form case study reports/case series reports
· position papers
· criticism of designed artifacts, systems, and processes
· reviews of books, exhibitions, and conferences
· survey papers
· theoretical speculations
· original visual essays

Please bear in mind that each piece Dialectic elects to publish must be:

· based on fundamentally sound scholarship and inquiry
· written so that it is broadly accessible
· crafted about topics relevant to its audiences

To submit a paper or a visual essay for publication consideration in Issue 01 of Dialectic, please visit the following URL and follow the instructions you’ll find there:

All submissions to Dialectic MUST be made through the submittable website hosted by Michigan Publishing listed above. Please DO NOT attempt to send any type of submission as an e-mail attachment to any of Dialectic’s Editorial Board members, its Producer, its AIGA DEC liaisons, or members of its Advisory Committee. Instructions for formatting ALL types of submissions are embedded (per category) in this submittable website. Submissions that are NOT formatted according to these instructions will be rejected. All submissions must be created in keeping with the editorial policy of Dialectic.


Deadline for full versions of papers written that meet Dialectic’s categorical descriptions: May 27, 2016

Decision date for inclusion of submissions in Dialectic Issue 01: July 15, 2016

Final, revised versions of papers due: September 02, 2015

Estimated publication window for Dialectic Issue 01: November 15–December 31, 2016

Dialectic’s inaugural editorial board:
Anne Burdick, Art Center
Heather Corcoran, Washington University at St. Louis
Kenneth FitzGerald, Old Dominion University
Deborah Littlejohn, North Carolina State University
Keith M. Owens, The University of North Texas
Stacie Rohrbach, Carnegie Mellon University

Dialectic’s producer
Michael R. Gibson, The University of North Texas

Dialectic’s inaugural AIGA Design Educators Community liaisons:
Eric Benson, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Amy Fidler, Bowling Green State University
Michael R. Gibson, The University of North Texas

Dialectic’s inaugural advisory committee:
Kim Erwin, The Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design
Brockett Horne, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Ann McDonald, Northeastern University
Paul Nini, The Ohio State University
Elizabeth Resnick, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)
Holly Willis, The University of Southern California

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