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The deadline for submitting proposals to the 2014-15 AIGA Design Faculty Research Grant is 12.31.14 at midnight CST

December 31, 2014 / By Michael R. Gibson

‘Just a reminder:

The steering committee of the AIGA Design Educators’ Community will be accepting submissions for the 2014-15 Design Faculty Research Grants until midnight CST, December 31, 2014.

The guidelines for these grants allow proposals that were submitted for review during the 2013-14 review period—i.e., last year—to be re-submitted for consideration among this year’s proposals. Applicants who choose to do this should utilize the critical commentary they received from the 2013-14 grant reviewers to guide editorial changes they make to these re-submissions.

The formal instructions for proposal submissions begins on page 6 of the following instructions document: 2014-15_AIGA DEC Design Research Grant Application Instructions_r01

Finally, please note: you need luck to win at Bingo or your state’s/province’s Lottery, but not when you write and submit grant proposals: write thoughtfully and well.

We look forward to reading your proposals!



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