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Decipher FAQ!

May 1, 2018 / By aigaeducators

We’ve been fielding some good questions about Decipher, our September 2018 Design Educators Research Conference. Here, for your convenience, is a compilation of some of frequently asked questions—with answers. Please direct additional questions to decipher (at) umich (dot) edu!

Tell me more about how this conference structure will work.
Consider your submission as your “entrance ticket.” All the submissions of the same category will be organized into cohorts based on the role  (“participant” or “facilitator”) and primary theme that you specify in your submission. We will ask you to attend a session organized with your designated thematic cohort. We will make our best effort to balance the number of participants and facilitators in each cohort. Beyond your designated session you will be free to join any other cohort as a participant as long as there are available seats. Learn more about the conference here. 

I’m interested in different themes, as well as different session types. Should I submit more than once?
Only one submission is required to participate in Decipher. The additional information you share in your submission form will help us understand the level of interest in the themes and develop the conference structure accordingly. So, while you are welcome to enter as many submissions as you wish, multiple submissions are not necessary to participate in the various tracks and themes of the conference. Beyond your designated session (see above), you are free to join any other cohort as a participant as long as there are available seats.

What if I want to be involved in a different session in addition to my original submission?
Beyond your designated session (see above), you are free to join any other cohort as a participant as long as there are available seats.

If I apply as a facilitator and am not selected, do I need to resubmit an application for the August 1 participant deadline?
If not accepted as facilitators, submissions will automatically be added to the participant selection pool; there is no need to reapply as a participant.

What type of designers do you expect to attend? Do I have the right background to participate in the conference?
We would like designers from a wide array of disciplines to attend this event. Whether your area of interest lies in user experience, graphic design, motion, sound, wearables, products, environments, places, spaces, or services, we hope for participation from an array of designers from academia and industry. We hope for and expect design educators and practitioners with different levels of experience as well.

Will there be a registration fee? If so, how much will it cost?
Yes, there will be a registration fee. We should have registration costs and links posted on the conference site sometime after our facilitator submission period closes (May 15). For your planning purposes, note that we are aiming to keep non-member registration costs under $350. There will also be rates for AIGA members and students.

What if I just want to attend without submitting?
Please note that the format of this conference is atypical in that everyone participating in the conference will have submitted as either a “facilitator” or “participant.” As such, there will not be general registration available for attendees who have not submitted a proposal.

Do I need to submit to the conference in order to apply for an equity scholarship?
Yes, you will need to submit a proposal in addition to completing our scholarship application process. Please see this post for more information and a link to the Call for Participation, which contains the application details. 

Will there be another deadline extension?
Nope! May 15th is the final deadline for facilitator submissions. We have to stick to this deadline in order to have time to craft the conference structure as informed by your submissions and interests, and to work with our publisher on the proceedings. Other deadlines include: Graduate student forum: June 15. Equity Scholarships: June 15; Participants: August 1. More on our deadlines here. 

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