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Announcing AIGA Professional Standards of Teaching 1.0

June 11, 2010 / By admin

The AIGA Design Educators Community introduced its Professional Standards of Teaching to provide a framework that promotes ethical standards for design educators and serve as a guide to responsible decision-making at the AIGA response_ability Conference in Toledo, Ohio on May 16, 2010.

These standards are intended as a public statement of the core values of the members of the AIGA Design Educators Community and as a vehicle for expressing the identity of the community and what it stands for. The Standards are meant to engage members of the Design Educators community in developing and maintaining an ethical or cultural framework within which to operate. They also provide a benchmark for self-evaluation and can be used to foster discussion and education about ethical issues, and as a tool to help prepare future designers for excellence in design practice.

The Standards are developed by members of the community. As Ric Grefe, executive director of AIGA, has stated “AIGA believes that a professional association should not be a monolithic authority, releasing edicts for all to observe. Rather, the ethics of a profession should emerge from its members… reflecting the tacit agreement of a profession on behavior that is deemed appropriate, respectful, and honorable. An association may articulate the implicit standards of integrity, but it doesn’t set them.” The Professional Standards of Teaching is a unique framework developed specifically for and by design educators in a wide range of professional design practices.

This framework represents a new model. Like McDonough and Braungart’s Hannover Principles for sustainable design, which were created for the 2000 World’s Fair, the Standards of Teaching are intended to be a living document that continues to be shaped by the community’s values and is adapted to reflect new practices and the evolving nature of design.

Your participation is needed. Download the Professional Standards of Teaching below and visit the AIGA Design Educators Community web-site to contribute to the on-going discussions and development of resources for design educators from many different design disciplines.

For more information about the AIGA Professional Standards of Teaching initiative, please send an email to Barbara Sudick.

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