2022 AIGA Design Conference Educators Symposium Call for Proposals

For the 2022 AIGA Design Conference in Seattle, the Design Educators Community Steering Committee (DEC) invites educators, graduate students, and industry professionals to submit proposals that address ideas and topics connected to the theme SURFACE.

Both a noun and a verb, this word has two meanings that are deeply connected to design. Surface can be a way to describe or refer to the layered planes of an object, environment, or idea – the skin, the screen, the shell, the boundary, the face, a layer. Creators are well aware of the importance of the surface of/within things, and it often serves as a gatekeeper to deeper ideas.  The word surface can also refer to the act of rising up or emerging – an object, statement, or idea floating to the top, being revealed, coming to light.

As we navigate the chaos of our current context, and consider the ways design and design education have grown and changed over the last decade, we wonder what comes next? What have we learned? What have we tried? What is already in motion but needs more momentum? Where are we going? What kind of design future do we want to build? What lies beneath the surface, and what is yet to emerge?

Proposals might address questions of where design can and should happen; how design does and should manifest itself in our homes, schools, towns, governments, and organizations; what issues and focuses should be taken up by design; who gets to design; and what designers and educators should be doing to ensure a vibrant, sustainable, diverse, inclusive, and equitable future for our community and field. All proposals will be reviewed in a double-blind peer-review process.

We are accepting proposals (500 words or less) for each of the following:
(and we encourage proposals that promote collaboration, diverse perspectives, and dialogue)

• Panel (with multiple presenters around a theme)
• Short Paper (10 minutes)
• Long Paper (20 minutes)·      
• Workshop
• Grad Student Research/Case Study Presentation (5–10 minutes)
• Graduate Research Posters/Visual Essays (upload abstract)

Proposals are due by Friday, July 15, 2022. Click here to submit a proposal.

We are also seeking volunteers to serve as peer reviewers! Click here to learn more.

By aigaeducators
Published June 20, 2022
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